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British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
High Cross Madingley Road
United Kingdom
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The AEDC is the central data management and support facility of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), which is one of the component institutes of the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The AEDC has been established to facilitate access to high quality British Antarctic environmental data and to create and maintain directories of BAS data holdings. The AEDC also acts as the NERC Designated Data Centre for NERC's Antarctic Data. Requests for copies of BAS data sets should be made through the AEDC. It is planned to make a catalogue of BAS data holdings publicly available using World Wide Web during 1995. Under the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty, all Antarctic scientific data must be made freely available to researchers within Treaty nations. This applies to data supplied through the AEDC, though charges may be made for the costs of copying, materials and postage.

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