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British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)
Joseph Proudman Building 6 Brownlow Street
L3 5DA
United Kingdom
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The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)is a component of the UK Natural Environment Research Council's Environmental Data Centre network with designated responsibility for marine data, managing data from NERC’s major oceanographic projects (e.g. Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry, Rapid Climate Change, Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT)). It is located at the National Oceanography Centre, NERC’s centre of excellence for oceanographic sciences, with a remit to provide leadership and national capability in marine sciences. BODC’s mission is to act as a world-class data centre by (i) developing, coordinating and providing specialist data services for the UK and international marine science communities; enabling innovative use and re-use of data; ensuring long-term curation of valuable and unique marine data resources; and championing Open Data. Its 50 staff include a wide range of research scientists who have direct experience of marine data collection and analysis. They work alongside information technology specialists with particular skills in controlled vocabularies, ontologies, standards and interoperability. This combination of skills brings a pioneering approach to the development of marine data management tools.

Nationally BODC manages data from the UK Argo programme and the National Tide Gauge Network. It also manages the Marine Environment Monitoring and Assessment National (MERMAN) database, which holds the data required to meet the UK's commitment to European directives, including its mandatory monitoring requirements under the Oslo and Paris Convention (OSPAR). BODC is accredited as the oceanography Data Archive Centre (DAC) for the UK Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN). It participates in the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IOC-IODE) programme, acting as the UK's National Oceanographic Data Centre and national contact point. BODC actively participates in many international working groups concerned with the management and exchange of oceanographic data. Internationally BODC’s responsibilities include the GEBCO (bathymetry) Digital Atlas, GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre and the GLOSS (sea level) Data Archive.

BODC collaborates actively with other oceanographic data centres in Europe, and in particular, coordinates metadata directories and leads on standards development, especially controlled vocabulary development. BODC has also been engaged in many current and recent European projects, including SeaDataNet-II/SeaDataNet, MyOcean/MyOcean2, EUROFLEETS, NETMAR, CLIP-C, ODIP/ODIP2, FixO3, Celtic Seas Partnership (Life+), SenseOcean, ENVRI+, AtlantOS, and several EMODnet projects.


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