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European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO)



Per associated service

This directory lists the organisation profiles and addresses of all (2500+) Data Holding Centres, Research Institutes, Monitoring Agencies and Research Vessel operators, that have an active role in one or more of the SeaDataNet Discovery services (EDMED - data sets, EDMERP - research projects, CSR - research cruises, EDIOS - observing stations/ systems, and CDI - index to data) as well as those maintained together with other groups (EUROFLEETS - European cruise programmes, POGO - global ocean going cruise programmes, SIMORC - oil&gas industry metocean data, Scientists - IODE OceanExperts). Direct crosslinks are provided to their entries in these directories. The organisation entries are maintained online per country by the SeaDataNet partners and by oceanographic partners in USA and Australia as part of the ODIP collaboration.

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