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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Native name
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Arrheniusplan 4
Box 7070
750 07
+46-(0)18-67 10 00
+46-(0)18-67 20 00
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a university with a clearly defined role in society: to take responsibility for the development of learning and expertise in areas concerning biological resources and biological production. This responsibility stretches over the wide-ranging fields of agriculture, forestry and food industry to environmental questions, veterinary medicine and biotechnology. A comprehensive viewpoint, inter-disciplinary approach and applicability are keywords in SLUs' research and teaching and in the contacts with industry and society. University activities are spread between several departments in four faculties: Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural Science, Faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Faculty of Forest Sciences. A total of 3 200 people are employed at the University. SLU offers a broad spectrum of educational programmes and single subjects courses. About 5 300 undergraduates and 860 postgraduate students are enrolled at SLU. Main campuses are located in Alnarp, Skara, Ultuna and Umea. Research and teaching activities are carried out throughout the country.

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  • Data Discovery & Access service - Data Originators (CDI)
  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)
  • European Cruise programmes (EuroFleets)

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