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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Native name
Sveriges meteorologiska och hydrologiska institut
Folkborgsvagen 1
SE-601 76
+46-(0)11-495 80 00
+46-(0)11-495 80 01
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SMHI, The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrographical Institute, operates under the auspecies of the Swedish Ministry of the Environment. SMHI comprises expertise within the research fields of meteorology, hydrology and oceanography. The Research unit is divided into four groups: Meteorological analyses and forecasting, Atmospheric research, Oceanography and Hydrology. Environmental research spans over all the disciplines. A separate Research unit for regional climate modelling, the Rossby Centre, was established at SMHI in autumn 1997. The oceanographic research is divided into:

  1. Marine data analysis
  2. Marin remote sensing. The focus is on SAR as a tool for sea ice mapping in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic. Methods for algae bloom detection is also under study to obtain an early warning system. Sea surface temperature is another parameter of interest for models and mapping.
  3. Process-oriented modelling, both physical and biogeochemical. The focus is on long-term changes of hydrography and some biological parameters in the seas surrounding Sweden.
  4. Three-dimensional ocean modelling


The main rational behind running 3D-coastal ocean models for forecasting purposes is given by end users in much the same way as in meteorology and hydrology. There is a basic need to obtain information on sea-state, currents, sea ice, sea levels, water temperature and salinity. The ship traffic needs forecasts for safety and economic reasons not the least the ferry traffic in the Baltic and North Sea. The winter navigation in the Baltic uses forecast information on sea ice and sea levels for strategic and tactic decisions. The Coast Guard needs information for combating oil and chemical spills and for rescuing operations. Here HIROMB are delivering information to the internet- based system - Sea Track - making forecasts of drift patterns. Also the Swedish Navy is asking for oceanographic forecasts especially in connection to observation systems in the sea. Hence, there is a strong need for operational applications. In addition to external user requests a 3D oceanographic model is needed for new products obtained by objective analysis of observations and model data. These products, of which sea surface temperature (SST) is one of the most important, are also necessary for determining environmental and climate states,trends and patterns in the seas around Sweden. Improving products in this field of applications are of great importance also for departments such as the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Maritime Administration, Swedish Rescue Services Agency and international organisations such as HELCOM, OSPARCOM, ICES, IOC, EEA and EuroGOOS.

SMHI is Sweden's largest producer of physical and chemical oceanographic data and also a major producer of marine biological data. SMHI runs SHARK (Swedish Ocean Archive), the national databank for physical and chemical oceanographic data (CTD, underway, surface, current meter and wave data) as well as marine biological data.

In 2017 SMHI was approved as National Oceanographic Data Centre within IODE. 

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