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Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, NAS of Ukraine
Native name
Institut Biologii Yuzhnykh Morey, Nacionalnoy Akademii Nauk Ukrainy
2, Nakhimov ave.
+380 692 544110
+380 692 557813
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Under its present name IBSS is known since 1963 when the former Sevastopol Biological Station, founded in 1871, Odessa and Karadag Biological Stations were combined into a research marine centre.

Incorporated into the Division of General Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, IBSS is the base institution of the Oceanological Centre NAS Ukraine.

The present IBSS includes 12 scientific departments, the Aquarium-Museum, scientific library, the editorial and publishing department, and the R/V Professor Vodyanitsky; the Branch in Odessa has 4 research departments.

Main areas of IBSS scientific activity

- studying the mechanisms of adaptation, transformation and evolution of marine and oceanic systems under climatic changes and antropogenic pressure;

- solving hydrobiological and biotechnological problems of the integrated management of the coastal zones for rational using the natural resources, ecological reabilitation and stable development;

- creation of the methods and technologies for operative control of biota ecological state, marine environment quality and estimation and prediction of ecological risks level in the active maritime exploitation zones;

- studying biological diversity in the Black Sea – Azov basin and development of effecive measures for its preservation;

- development of the modern informational technologies for systematization of hydrobiological data and information, modern expert systems and methodology of their use to provide bioresources and ecological investigations.

IBSS is the Operation Centre of the International Institute of the Ocean in Ukraine and the Main Office of the International Union on Ecoethics. Since 2008 IBSS is a part of the distributed IOC/IODE NODC system in Ukraine.

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