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Atlantic Scientific Research Institute for Marine Fishery and Oceanography
5, Dm. Donskoi St.
Kaliningrad reg
Russian Federation
8 (0112) 21-56-45
8 (0112) 21-99-97
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AtlantNIRO is the leading scientific research institute of Russia to investigate fishery biological resources in the Baltic Sea, Central and Southern Atlantic, Southeastern Pacific and Western Indian Ocean. The research is aimed at the development of scientific basis for rational utilization of biological resources on the base of the up-to-date technologies. The Institute's Biological Department includes divisions to study commercial and perspective fishery objects environment. The Institute takes an active part in the projects developed by FAO, NAFO, ICES, CCAMLR, ICCAT, CECAF and others.

Main sources of information:

  • comprehensive marine research expeditions providing data of oceanographic,hydrological, hydroacoustic and trawling surveys and surveys on abundance of juvenile fish;
  • data of specialized studies on stock structure, biology and distribution of fishing objects, bioproductivity of waters, dynamics of the oceanographic conditions, environmental pollution, etc.
  • Observers on board the commercial vessels providing data on species and age and length composition of catches; 
  • data on biological state of fishing objects. Fishery statistics are made in the form of daily reports on location of the commercial vessels, size of catches and their species composition.

The system of remote oceanographic monitoring in the fishery areas is based on a special station to receive and analyze information from satellites and the AtlantNIRO local computer system. The Information Bank contains primary data collected during 510 marine expeditions and from other sources. Total volume of different data bases stored on the server of AtlantNIRO amounts to 255 Mb.

results in other services

  • Data Discovery & Access service - Data Originators (CDI)
  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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