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Albanian Geological Survey (AGS)
Native name
Shėrbimi Gjeologjik Shqiptar
Rruga "Myslym Keta"
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The Albanian Geological Survey carries out its activity in the field of geosciences, based on law no. 111/2015, dated 15.10.2015, "On the Albanian Geological Survey", which regulates the relations between this institution and the public and private sectors, to promote the use of mineral resources to the maximum benefit of the public. According to the Regulation "On the Functioning of the Albanian Geological Survey", approved by Order no. 88, dated 22.02.2016, by the Minister of Energy and Industry, Albanian Geological Survey, has the legal status as "advisory, technical and scientific institution of the state, public, budgetary legal entity, which carries out activities in the field of earth sciences in the territory of the Republic of Albania ".
This institution has its beginnings in 1922, when the Geological Office was established, at the Ministry of Agriculture and World Affairs, with the Czech-Austrian chief geologist Dr. Ernest Nowack. After a seven-year activity, the activity of this office is no longer evidenced in the official documentation and it is the year 1952, when the Albanian Geological Survey is re-established.
With 97 years of its existence, SH.GJ.SH. can be considered the oldest institution of our country.

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