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Ghent University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Marine Biology Section
Krijgslaan 281-S8
+32 9 264 85 27
+32 9 264 85 98
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The Marine Biology Section of the Department of Biology of the Ghent University has been involved in ecological and systematic research of marine ecosystems from 1970 onwards. The research started with the investigation of North Sea benthic communities, with special focus on the macro- and meiobenthos. From 1980 onwards, research was expanded to include the hyperbenthic and epibenthic compartments. Research on all benthic comparments is still going on in the North Sea and adjacent estuaries (DWTC, FWO, IWT and RUG- programmes).
From 2000 onward, biodiversity and systematic databases are developed (NEMASLAN and MYSIDLAN) in order to enhance biodiversity research on nematodes and mysids. Complete archives, fully searchable, are provided (see links).

Next to the biological subjects (for which the marine biology section is equipped with the best microscopes and a very complete library) also more geochemical characteristics are determined and analysed : grain size of sediments (Coulter Particle Size Analyser), Organic C and N, Nutrients (SKALAR), Pigments (HPLC), Redox profiles of sediments, oxygen. All chemical methods are adapted for analysis within the sediments. Microbial aspects (radio-active labelling) and experimental microcosmos research (culture chambers and respiration chambers) are available.

results in other services

  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)
  • European Cruise programmes (EuroFleets)
  • Ocean going Cruise programmes (POGO)
  • EMODnet Ingestion Service

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