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Trios Optical Sensors (TriOS)
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TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH
Bürgermeister-Brötje-Str. 25
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The TriOS Mess- und Datentechnik GmbH, formerly a university spin-off, was founded in 1998 starting with the BMBF (Federal Ministry of education and Research) funded project RAMSES and became very successful in  optical measurement technology. RAMSES was the first available hyperspectral light meter for use in marine research.

In the mean time more than a thousand devices is used worldwide. The devices are used both for measuring the light distribution in the water column as well as for routine validation and calibration of modern environmental satellite data (eg MERIS). The sensors have proven their reliability under adverse environmental conditions such as in Antarctica, as well as on unusual locations such as offshore racing yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Today TriOS is a leader in the field of optical immersion sensors. In addition to the RAMSES - radiometers, the TriOS product range has expanded to products such as submersible fluorometer (microFlu and enviroFlu) and photometer (ProPS, VIPER, OSCAR), far beyond the field of marine technology out into the fields of water quality, drinking water and wastewater monitoring and many industrial applications. Furthermore TriOS is one of the leading companies in the field of oil-in-water monitoring and thus makes a significant contribution to the reduction of pollution from oil spills.

The latest TriOS sensor on the market is LISA - a SAC254 sensor. This device is characterized not only by energy saving UV LED technology, but also by easy configuration through the innovative TriOS G2 interface. In addition, novel sensors for environmental parameters in cooperation with universities and research institutions are being developed in several research projects. Many of our customers are at the same time also partner in the development of new products.

Through the expansion in product range the need for production areas and qualified staff increased.The number of employees increased from 3 in 1998 to currently(2013) 31 employees. Since 2009 TriOS has its own sales and service office in Shanghai.

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  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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