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Radboud University Nijmegen, Institute for Wetland and Water Research, Environmental Science (IWWR)
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Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Institute for Wetland and Water Research, Environmental Science
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ
+31 (0)24-3653281
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The Department of Environmental Science is part of the Institute for Water and Wetland Research (IWWR) of the Faculty of Science. Within IWWR our department collaborates most closely with the Department of Microbiology and the Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology. We also collaborate with two other research instititutes of the Faculty of Science: ISIS and IMM.

Science has traditionally focused on single stressor-impact relationships. Yet, in environmental management, 1000+ of species are to be protected against 1000+ of different pressures. Our aim is therefore to describe, understand and predict the relative and cumulative impact of multiple physical-chemical pressures to ecosystems and humans. Moreover to derive knowledge applicable across scales, stressors, species, conditions, frameworks and cases by translating detailed mechanisms to overarching principles.

To that end, we integrate literature, lab and field data, covering historic and recent events in heavily populated river deltas and estuaries, with parameter-sparse models for future projections.

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  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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