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Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)
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Hamburg Port Authority
Neuer Wandrahm 4

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The Port of Hamburg is the logistics centre for the North of Germany and as such one of the supports for economic growth.

Since 2005, the Hamburg Port Authority has been responsible for port management, a role that was previously fulfilled by a number of Hamburg authorities.
As the responsible public law institution, HPA is the point of contact for all questions concerning marine and land-based infrastructure, the safety of shipping traffic, the port railway facilities, property management and the economic development of the port.

The Hamburg Port Authority introduces environmental guidelines because it is very aware of the area of conflict between port and environment. The aim of the guidelines is to protect and care for natural resources. Moreover, sustainable development must be promoted and environmental protection be firmly positioned in our thinking and approach.

The HPA basis for any environmental management is the binding specification of an environmental policy. The HPA recognises its responsibility for environmental protection explicitly by way of environmental guidelines. The reduction of emissions and consumption, avoidance of waste, increases in efficiency and the improvement of environmental performance are essential corporate goals.

To ensure a sustainable development of the tidal Elbe and to prevent obstruction to the port traffic, the tidal Elbe concept was adopted. It envisages a series of measures to preserve the tidal Elbe and to create new tidal volume. Firstly, an optimised cross-state sediment and river engineering management system reduces the dredging volumes in the port area. Secondly, it combats the silting of the side areas of the Elbe and helps to reduce gradually the contamination of Elbe sediments.

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