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Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment (BIOR)
Native name
Pārtikas drošības, dzīvnieku veselības un vides zinātniskais institūts
Lejupes Street 3, Riga, LV-1076
Daugavgrivas street 8, Riga, LV-1048
+371 67620513
+371 67620434
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nstitute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment - "BIOR" is a newly formed public research institution with a derived public person`s legal status. The Institute was founded as a result of consolidating of former department of the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service: “National Diagnostic Centre” and the State Agency “Latvian Fish Resources Agency.” The Institute has assumed all  functions of the National Diagnostic Centre and part of the Latvian Fish Resources Agency functions.

The Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment - "BIOR" has started its activity in a new status on 1st of January 2010.

The Scientific Advisory Council has approved following areas of responsibility of the Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment - "BIOR":

  1. to carry out scientific activities in food, veterinary, environmental and fisheries sectors and in other sectors of biology by developing applied and basic researches to promote progress and integrity of science, higher education and corresponding industries;
  2. to provide an expertise, scientific substantiation and risk assessment for sectoral development policy;
  3. to implement execution of national data collection programs for fisheries sector, scientific activities and state monitoring needs in the field of food quality and safety, fisheries and animal diseases and zoonoses according to the Institute’s competence;
  4. to implement projects to assess the risk in the field of food safety and animal infectious diseases, ensuring cooperation with institutions and organizations from the mentioned areas;
  5. to carry out fishery inspections and provide scientific substantiation for environment-friendly, rational and sustainable management of fish resources in the inland and coastal waters of Latvian jurisdiction, territorial waters and waters of the economic zone of the Baltic Sea;
  6. to perform functions of the National Reference Laboratory in the areas defined in the legislation;
  7. to carry out laboratorial and diagnostic investigations related to state monitoring and food movement control, animal health protection and animal feed and veterinary drugs movement;
  8. to implement a state policy on reproductive capacity of fish stocks through the implementation of activities of the Fish Resources reproductive state program;
  9. to represent interests of Latvia and  to implement an international scientific cooperation by organizing scientific conferences, seminars and other science-related information activities and by participation there;
  10.  to provide public advices within the competence of the Institute.

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  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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