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Mediterranean Institut Of Biodiversity And Marine And Continental Ecology (IMBE)
Native name
Universite De La Mediterrannee - Inst Med. De Biodiversite & D'Écologie Marine Et Continental
Universite Paul Cezanne case 451 Av. escadrille Normandie-Niemen
+33 (0)4 91 04 16 14
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The Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology of marine and continental (IMBE, UMR CNRS 7263 - IRD 237) is a new joint research unit created in January 1, 2012. The IMBE comes from the combination of two units and IMEP DIMAR, strengthened by the integration team EA 1784 exploring the relations between environment and health.

The IMBE analyzing biological systems marine and continental, with a particular focus on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. The objective is to improve the conservation and management of natural resources face of global change. With over 200 professionals in environmental research, the institute brings a strong competence in key areas of biodiversity, evolution, ecology, and paleoecology of the man-environment relations (global ecology). Its researchers develop and use approaches to basic and applied biology, and modeling.

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