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Jacobs University Bremen, School of Engineering and Science
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Jacobs Universitšt, Schule der Technik und Wissenschaft
Campus Ring 1
+49 421 200 4330

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Research at the Jacobs University Bremen aims at key contributions towards the main challenges of mankind, namely
  • energy and materials
  • water and food
  • health
  • "Bildung" and communication
  • peace and conflict management.

The School of Engineering and Science contributes mainly towards the first three of these, with focusses on two broad areas,

  • bio-geo-marine resources - from molecules towards technologies
  • modeling of complex systems - computer simulation, visualization, networks and management

The five general research fields of the School of Engineering and Science that have been emerging during the founding years are part of these objectives: "Information and Communication Technology" and "Nanosciences and Material Research" are related to the second research area. "Life Sciences" and "Geosciences and Astrophysics" contribute to both areas, and "Mathematics and Theoretical Physics" establish the scientific backbone. The latter provide scientific tools and key methods for successfully tackling questions at the interfaces between conventional disciplines. Science across disciplinary boarders is one of the outstanding trademarks of research at the School of Engineering and Science.

results in other services

  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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