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University of British Columbia, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (UBC)
Earth Sciences Building (ESB) 2020 - 2207 Main Mall
V6T 1Z4
British Columbia
+1 604 822 2449
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The research focus of the department extends from pure science studies of the earth's deep interior, through near-surface geological studies and environmental earth science, to the oceans and atmosphere. To realize their research objectives, UBC earth scientists draw on a broad base of knowledge from the basic sciences of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. An integrated approach is increasingly required to understand the complex interactions due to human impact on the earth in such problems as climate change, resource exploitation and waste disposal. One specialized group is the Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) which undertakes programs supported by the mineral exploration industry.


The Department maintains active ties with the mining and petroleum industries, consulting firms and government labs where many students find employment during summers and after graduation.


Undergraduate academic programs administered here include majors, honours and applied science programs involving Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geological Sciences, Geophysics and Oceanography as well as an EOS Majors program.


These programs attract some 350 undergraduates, and large service courses for non-science majors attract many more students. The Department's modern facilities, demanding curriculum and award winning faculty, place it among the most prominent in North America and allows it to offer challenges to students at all levels.


The Department occupies three buildings on the UBC campus : the Earth Sciences Building (ESB), Earth and Ocean Sciences Main (EOSM) and Earth and Ocean Sciences South (EOSS).


The Geological Engineering Program in the Faculty of Applied Science, administered through a Board of Studies, provides undergraduates with a unique blend of earth science and applied techniques.




The Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences was formed in April 1996 with the amalgamation of the old Departments of Geological Sciences, Oceanography, and the geophysics component of Geophysics and Astronomy.


In April 2000 the Department considerably expanded its activity in atmospheric sciences when the administrative home of the Atmospheric Science Program, and two-thirds of the academic appointments of each of the three physically oriented atmospheric scientists in Geography were transferred to Earth and Ocean Sciences. 


The Department changed its name to Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences in April 2012.

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