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Ukrainian scientific center of Ecology of Sea (UkrSCES)
Native name
Ukrainsky Nauchniy Centr Ekologii Morya
89 Frantsuzsky Blvd.
+38 0482 636622
+380 482 636873
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The Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Ecology of the Sea (UkrSCES) was created in January 1992 on the basis of Odessa branch State Oceanographic Institute, founded in 1970.
The main tasks of scientific activities of Odessa branch State Oceanographic Institute in 1969-1992 was participation in general problems - investigations of interaction of Ocean and Atmosphere with the aim of creating longterms weather forecasts.
The main task of scientific and expeditional works was investigations the characteristic and causes of exchanges in thermodynamic state of the Atlantic Ocean, formation of significant and stabile anomalies of hydrophysical fields and as result changeability of heat exchange between Ocean and Atmosphere. The investigation region includes Northern and Tropical Atlantic from 60°N to 10°S. The scientific generalisation were carried out on data of standard sections that crossed all main currents of the northern anticyclonic rotation and tropical zone, permanent polygones in New-Foundland and Tropical energy active zones, and also on data of separate thematic cruises.
The main scientific results of inverstigations are presented in more then 200 acticles and varios scientific reports. 4 monographys were prepared. Manuals "Chengeability of hydrophysical fields of the Atlantic Ocean according to investigation datum on standard sections" were published. Together with Arctic and Antarctic Institute a "Bulletin of thermodynamic state of the North Atlantic" 1986-1987 was published.
Now UkrSCES is the main scientific investigation Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine in the field of marin ecological investigations.
The Centre has great expirience of oceanographic and ecological investigations in various regions of the World Ocean, fulfilling marine expeditions and providing safety navigation. In 1968-2000 UkrSCES fulfilled more than 400 expeditions in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, Black and Azov seas. The ships participated in various national and international complex cruises. All history of oceanographic information that was obtained by scientific-research vessels was stored in UkrSCES Data Bank. UkrSCES according to international agreements has a copy of World Ocean Oceanographic Database, more than 1 473 588 stations. Now UkrSCES has Data Bank with infonmation of the state of the Black and Azov seas around 100 years.

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