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The Centre for Monitoring and Prognostication of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources (CMP)
Native name
Monitoringis da Prognozirebis Centri
Changed into
National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources

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Centre for the Monitoring and Prognostication of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia is established by the Decree of the President of Georgia from February, 2006 on the basis of the National Meteorological & Hydrological (NMHS), including the centre for monitoring of environment pollution, Geological and the Coastal Protection services and Marine Ecology and Fisheries Research Institute. The Centre is responsible  to carry out the regular meteorological, hydrological and  geodynamic observations including the Black Sea coastal zone, operational oceanographical observations, monitoring of environment pollution; gathering and processing of observational data; forecasting of disasters of meteorological, hydrological, marine and geodynamical origin and monitoring of environmental accidents; preparation of corresponding warnings in case of disasters and  possible results caused by the anthropogenic environmental accident   and their dissemination on national and international level. The above-mentioned services have the history of more than one and half century. Consequently they posses long period observational data sets. In the institution were implemented following projects (short list):“Enabling Georgia to Fulfill its Commitments to the UNFCC”, GEF, 1997-99;  “Removing Barriers to the Development in the Energy Efficiency of Hot Water Supply in Georgia ” GEF, 1999-2000; “Removing Barriers to the Development Small Hydropower Sector in Georgia”, GEF, 1998-2001;   “Strengthening Water Management in the South Caucasus”, USAID, 2000-04; “Joint River Monitoring in South Caucasus”, TACIS, 2002-2004;Science for Peace “South Caucasus Cooperative River Monitoring” NATO, 2002-08; “ARENA” EU FP 5 Programme, 2003- 05; “Scene”, EU FP 6 Programme, 2006-2009; “ASCABOS”, EU FP 6 Programme, 2006-2009; etc.

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