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Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Marine Branch (UHI-MB)
Native name
Ukrainskiy Gidrometeorologichniy Institut, Mors'ke Viddilennia
37, Prospekt Nauki
+38044 525 12 50
+38044 525 53 63

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Marine Branch of UHI (before 1992 - Sevastopol Branch of State Oceanographical Institute, SB SOI) was established in 1971 on the base of Basin hydrometeorological observatory of the Black and Azov seas (BHMO BAS).
In 1992 - 2013 activity of UHI-MB was concentrated on following main directions: (i) climatology of marine processes within the Azov-Black sea basin; (ii) oceanography and chemical pollution of coastal zones; (iii) processes in riverine estuaries and deltas; (iv) development and application of marine forecasting methods and marine hydrometeorological observations and service technologies.

The institution was the methodological and analytical centre of Ukrainian hydrometeorological service (UHS) marine network. Besides, it was responsible for the state ecological monitoring data analysis and generalisation on marine environment quality (including water, bottom sediments and near-surface air pollution). Materials of UHS shore stations' observations and marine expeditions constantly update the database using for the detailed oceanographic studies conducted by UHI-MB in frameworks of national and international scientific programmes, such as The Black Sea GOOS programme of IOC, ARENA project of EC's 5th FP, ASCABOS project of EC's 6th FP, Upgrade Black Sea SCENE project of EC's 7th FP, EMODNet Chemistry project.

Since 2014, after the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia, the activity of UHI-MB was partly transposed in Kiev, on the base of UHI's headquarter.

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