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Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Science and Management
Müsküle Sok. No. 1 Vefa
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Established in 1982. Fields of interest. Marine Geology and Geophysics, Marine Biology, Physical-Chemical Oceanography, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Zone Management, Marine Environment and Protection, Marine Economy-Politics. The institute carries out research projects in the seas surrounding Turkish Strait systems, Marmara Sea, Black Sea and offers graduate programs in the above fields, leading to PhD and MSc. degrees.

The Institute owns and operates the R/V ARAR that is equipped with all the necessary equipment for ocean research. The institute houses chemistry, biology, sedimentology, instrumental analysis and GIS laboratories that have the capability of necessary sample preparation, data processing and analytical facilities. The analytical equipment includes Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Gas Chromotography, Gas Chromotography-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), TOC, CHN, FTIR and UV spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometer, autoanalayzer, water filtration equipment, various microscopes and computer facilities for remote sensing and GIS data.

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