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Dokuz Eylul University, Institute of Marine Science and Technology
Haydar Aliev Blv. No.10 Inciralti

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The Institute of Marine Science and Technology (IMST) of Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir-Turkey was established as an academic and research institution in 1975. The main objective the IMST is to conduct basic and applied marine research on national and international levels. The Institude has post-graduate programmes, in Coastal Zone Management, Port & Coastal Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Geology & Geophysics, Marine Chemistry, Living Marine Resources and Marine Archeology leading to MSc and PhD degrees.
The ares of speciality and the main activities of the IMST (Institute of Marine Science and Technology) are condansed into the following groups: marine geology and geophysics; Topography and morphology; Physical Oceanography; Water masses formation and circulation; Currents and dispersion; Waves, tides, surges and sea level; Modelling; Coastal and nearshore processes; Marine Structures; Coastal hydrodynamics; Coastal zone management; Resources management; Recreation and tourism in the coastal zone; Marine environmental management and marine pollution monitoring analysis; Marine chemistry and geochemistry; Nutrients; Organics; Radioactivity; Sediments; Suspended matters; Nature conservation and/or restoration; Environmental impact essessment; Remote sensing; Marine biology and ecology; Marine microbiology; Fisheries; Aquaculture; Marine technology;Port planning and management; Shipping; Naval architecture; Environmental education; Ocean policy/law of the sea; Development policy/planning and Marine archeology.
The environments of these activities are the open sea, the coastal zone, pelagic environment, benthic environment, littoral zone, islands, estuaries, lakes, lagoons and brackish water.

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