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State Oceanographic Institute (SOI)
Kropotkinsky Lane 6
Russian Federation
+7 (499) 246-7288
+7 (499) 246-72-88
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The State Oceanographic Institute (SOI) established in 1943 is one of the oldest marine scientific centers in the Russian Federation. Presently, SOI as a governmental scientific organization and methodological center is the leading entity in Roshydromet guiding the state monitoring system in marine hydrometeorology, oceanography and hydrochemistry as well as in pollution of the marine environment. The Institute collects routine monitoring data and cruise data in the frames of numerous projects, takes part in fundamental and applied research, providing data storage and processing systems and tools, developing models and methods of assessment, using the data for trend analysis in different fields of marine science including pollution. The areas of research are oceans, seas and river mouths. The results of investigations are also submitted to governmental bodies and public with detailed information on marine environment conditions and temporal trends. The main results are regularly published in special issues such as Institute collected papers, Annual report on marine pollution, Overview on environmental pollution etc. and at the web-site of the SOI:,

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  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
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