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Estonian Marine Institute
Native name
Eesti Mereinstituut
Mäealuse 14
+372 6 718 901
+372 6 718 900
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Estonian Marine Institute is one of many Tartu University’s contemporary scientific institutions. The main purpose of Estonian Marine Institute is marine research and promotion of the given sphere in Estonia and the Baltic region.

This institute is one of the biggest organizations in Estonia carrying out marine exploration contributing research in several marine study fields.

Our research ranges from water physics to biology, from microscopic scale to ecosystems having unique expert opinion and qualification in most research fields.

Estonian Marine Institute is an educational basis for the marine biology-oriented postgraduate students and is actively improving the advanced and extensive higher marine education in Estonia.

The active progress of marine sciences in Estonia in the last decades has enhanced the awarness of Estonian science around the Baltic Sea countries and also in Europe. Estonian Marine Institute has very international nature and thus the research is conducted in high level and in close co-operation with other specialist around the world. The success of the Estonian marine scientists at the international level refers to their high-rated scientific publications and increase in the number of international projects. On the other hand a significant part of the research is aimed at finding solutions to the local scientific problems important for Estonia’s well-being.

We hope our website provides you easy access to all of the information you seek about the Estonian Marine Institute and useful links to other related themes.

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