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Latvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)
Native name
Latvijas Zivju resursu aģentūra
Changed into
Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment

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The State Agency - Latvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA) was established on the 1st of November 2004 in the result of the reorganization of the Latvian Fisheries Research Institute (LATFRI) and seven state fish hatcheries, incorporating them. LATFRA is taking over all obligations and responsibilities of LATFRI and incorporated hatcheries. LATFRA is under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia, and its main functions are research and advising on sustainable management of fish resources in the Baltic Sea, coastal waters and inland waters, collection of biological data from catches in all regions, where the Latvian fishing fleet is acting, rearing and restocking of migratory and freshwater fishes in rivers and lakes, as well as performing public services in relation to fish resources.

LATFRA in total has 214 employees, of which 53 are scientific staff. LATFRA had been and is involved in various national and international research projects related to fish resources.


Since 1st Nov. 2004 Latvian Fish Resources Agency (LATFRA)

1991 - 2004 Latvian Fisheries Research Institute (LATFRI)

1962 - 1991 Baltic Research Institute of Fishery of Latvia (BaltNIIRH)

results in other services

  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LHEI)
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