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Marine Information Service (MARIS)
Native name
Mariene Informatie Service
Gildeweg 7A
+31 15 2029210
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MARIS originates from a Netherlands governmental initiative to improve overview and access to marine expertise, information and data related to the sea and its uses and to stimulate its wider use by governmental departments, scientific institutes and industrial companies. Started in 1985 as a governmental project MARIS is operating since the end of 1989 as an independent foundation. In 1996 the foundation has established the MARIS BV (private company) as working party for the foundation, however still with strong links to the Netherlands government and departments & institutes.


  • development, coordination and management of national and international marine data & information projects
  • marine data & information management, retrieval and brokerage services
  • electronic publisher of various websites and databases, dealing with marine environmental research, water management, offshore and dredging industry
  • design & development of marine, coastal and riverine environmental data & information management systems, including GIS and Internet applications
  • advisor and website manager for the Netherlands Oceanographic Data Committee
  • technical coordinator of the SeaDataNet consortium of national oceanographic data centres of 35 countries around European seas
  • Internet productions and webhosting
  • Production of webGIS applications for government, industry and tourism.

These services are performed on the basis of an extensive network of contacts with organisations managing data, information & expertise, in the fields of oceanography, marine environment, marine geology, water management, water technology, offshore industry, dredging industry, coastal zone management and others, nationally and internationally. These organisations involve government, research sector and private industry. To fulfill its tasks MARIS is skilled in information analysis and development of information systems for acquisition, storage, analysis, presentation and dissemination of marine and environmental data by Internet. Furthermore MARIS is skilled in "building bridges" between data producing organisations and information technology.


results in other services

  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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