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Polish Geological Institute, National Research Institute, Branch of Marine Geology (PGI BMG)
Native name
Panstwowy Instytut Geologiczny - Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy, Oddzial Geologii Morza (PGI OGM)
Koscierska 5
+48 (58) 554 2909
+48 (58) 554 2910

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The Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy) is under the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry and performs official function of the Polish Geological Survey. The Institute is involved in the exploration of the geological structure of Poland, the evaluation of mineral resources, reserves and the quality of the ground waters, as well as the investigation of pollution of the lithosphere. The Institute is also responsible for geological mapping of the country and publishing various types of maps. The Polish Geological Institute has its headquarters in Warsaw plus 6 Regional Branches.


The Branch of Marine Geology (Oddzial Geologii Morza) is located in Gdańsk and covers the activities of the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea, Polish coast and the northern part of Poland. The main responsibility of the Marine Geology Branch is the geological and geochemical mapping of the seafloor plus detailed geological, geomorphological and geodynamical investigation in ecological aspects of the coastal zone. The main purposes on land area are detailed geological mapping (1:50,000) and ground water monitoring. The Branch of Marine Geology of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute includes a regional department of the Central Geological Archives which collects results from the sea and coastal zones investigation as well as data concerning the economy of mineral raw materials and data on the inland ground water resources.

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