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Environmental Science Center, Qatar University (ESC)
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Environmental Science Center, Qatar University
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Qatar has a rich marine cultural heritage and a biodiverse environment. The mission of the ESC is to understand and protect this precious natural resource for the benefit of the Qatari people. The ESC, as the premier environmental science research center in Qatar will utilize state-of-the-art resources to conduct cutting-edge research in Marine Science (including physical & chemical oceanography, and marine biology); Atmospheric Science; and Earth & Terrestrial Sciences. Our staff are dedicated to the sustainable development and stewardship of Qatar's unique natural environment.

We are the home of a wide range of sophisticated research facilities that allow our research staff and technicians to do their work with ease to meet project-specific needs in a cost-effective manner. The facilities are also used to serve scientists and researchers from different institutes and universities for both learning and research purposes through partnership.

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