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The Ocean Race
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The Ocean Race
Muelle nš 10 de Levante Puerto de Alicante
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Nature has been integral to The Ocean Race since we first set sail in 1973. It's at the heart of what we do - the race track that we compete on and the wind that powers our boats - but it is deteriorating fast. We're seeing firsthand the devastating impact of pollution, climate change and industrial overfishing on our ocean. At the same time we have a greater understanding of how important our seas are, not just to the sport we love, but in regulating our climate and providing us with food, jobs and the air we breathe. It's time to act, which is why we are harnessing the determination and ambition of our round-the-world race and the unifying power of sport, to expand the conversation around ocean health and drive change. We are Racing with Purpose. At The Ocean Race we believe that we have the platform to educate, inspire and accelerate action for our blue planet at this critical time in history.

Our onboard Science programme gathers vital ocean data; climate change impacts and and microplastic, from the most remote parts of the planet.


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