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Shom (Shom)
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Shom’s vocation is to guarantee the quality and availability of information describing the physical maritime, coastal and ocean environment, by coordinating its collection, filing and dissemination in order to meet public, military and civilian requirements at the lowest cost.
· Shom is the national service designated by the government to carry out general hydrography for the benefit of all seafarers. Navigational safety, the priority field, is one of France’s international obligations as a signatory of the United Nations convention on the law of the sea (UNCLOS) and of the international convention for the safety of life at sea (SOLAS). Geographical coverage: the French maritime space (EEZ, 2nd in area in the world); areas placed under France’s maritime charting responsibility within the IHO or in accordance with bilateral agreements with coastal states.
· Within its areas of competence, Shom supports the defence expertise and operational requirements in maritime environment.
        o Collection, recording, processing and dissemination of the HOM (Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Meteorological) information relevant for naval operations.
        o Production of environmental regional studies.
        o Research and development.
        o Ability to conduct a rapid environmental assessment operations.
        o Involvement in interoperability and information management in liaison with its traditional information-producing partners: geographical data (IGN), oceanographic data (Mercator Ocean and NATO centres), meteorological data (Météo-France) and the system designers (DGA).
· Shom supports government maritime policies in a variety of fields.
        o Government action at sea.
        o Participation in the oil slick drift observation and forecasting analysis committee (MARPOL directive).
        o Expert in delimitation and maritime boundaries.
        o Management of tidal observatories and participation in alert networks for the prevention of risks and natural disasters.
        o Contribution to digital modelling of the world’s oceans and its extension into the coastal domain (maritime component of the European GMES project).
        o Integrated management of coastal zones.
        o In cooperation with IGN, establishment of the high resolution littoral geometric model (Litto3D®).

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