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Ifremer, ERT, HO, Metocean (IFREMER / ERT / HO)
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Ifremer, ERT-HO Service Hydrodynamique et Oceano Meteo

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The word METOCEAN was constructed from the contraction of meteorology and oceanology. Metocean activities act as a support for design and operation of the offshore structures of the Industry: platforms and other oil & gas production systems, ships, barges, ... and of coastal planning and management: dykes and breakwaters, sewage outlets, hydrodynamics of sediment and pollutant transport;... Metocean studies rely mainly on statistics of oceanographic measurements, on hindcast using numerical models, and on the identification and estimation of characteristic quantities relevant to the phenomena of interest, i.e. essentially waves, wind and currents. Real-time forecasting plays only a very small part in this activity, in comparison to the analysis and study of datasets; the values that are searched for, usually design values, pertain to the entire life of a structure or to an operation of long duration, extending thus far beyond the few days for which it would be possible, at a given date, to prepare a forec ast.

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  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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Ifremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea (SISMER)
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