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Geodetic Institute of Slovenia (GIS)
Native name
Geodetski inštitut Slovenije
Jamova cesta 2
+386 (0)1 200 29 00
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Geodetic Institute of Slovenia is a leading Slovenian public institution for geodetic, cartographic, geo-informatic, and hydrographic research and development, established in 1953. GI Slovenia is active in public, private, international and research sectors. GI has 45 employees. Many projects are elaborated for the Slovenian Surveying & Mapping Authority and for various ministries and agencies from as diverse fields as environment, spatial planning, infrastructure, science, defence, transport, agriculture, culture, education, and regional development. GI is authorised to technically operate several national spatial data infrastructure services such as distribution of real estate and spatial data, distribution of precise GPS/GNSS data processed and dissemination of maritime hydrographic data. In cartography and mapping, GI holds three awards for "Excellence in Cartography" by International Cartographic Association, for the best city plan (Ottawa, 1999), for the best tactile map for blind (Durban, 2003) and for the best topographic map (Paris, 2011) on the world. Maps and spatial data are digitally produced for ordinary printing, satellite navigation on land, sea and air, for 3-dimensional visualization, terrain and city modelling, for web and multimedia products, and even for digital geolibraries. Themes vary from topographic to tourist maps, and from mountaineering maps to nautical charts produced in conformance with International Hydrographic Organization standards.

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