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Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
PA37 1QA
United Kingdom
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The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) laboratory has a wide range of facilities and services, including internationally recognised scientific and technological expertise, equipment, training courses and the UK Culture Collection of marine Algae and Protozoa (CCAP). These facilities and services are available for use by commercial organisations, members of the facility, invited scientists and students.

SAMS was founded in 1884 as the Scottish Marine Station by Dr (later Sir) John Murray, a marine scientist who took part in the Challenger Expedition (1872 - 1876), the first major oceanographic expedition of the world. The organisation grew in importance and the name was changed to the Scottish Marine Biological Association in 1914. This name stayed with the association for the next 69 years. Developments in marine science and technology in the last few years have lead to such an expansion in the science studied by researchers that the name was changed again to the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in 1993 to reflect the wider scientific interests of the Association. Today, scientists at SAMS continue the long tradition of scientific excellence, conducting internationally recognised research in so many subjects, including deep sea fisheries, biogeochemistry and climate change.

SAMS promotes marine research and education in Scotland through:

RESEARCH - SAMS hosts an in-house programme at the Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML) near Oban, with particular focus on scientific issues relevant to Scottish waters. SAMS' deep sea research has been conducted since 1973 principally in the Rockall Trough, west of Ireland. A sample collection from that time is stored at DML, Oban. The Rockall Trough sites have been regularly sampled since 1973 and it represents probably the longest studied deep-sea area in the world. In this respect the time series sample collection and the resulting data set at DML, Oban, are unique.

BURSARIES - SAMS encourages external research through the award of bursaries, fellowships and grants.

MEETINGS - SAMS organises meetings on contemporary marine scientific issues.

LINKS - SAMS maintains and strengthens links and involvement with national and international marine science programmes.

PUBLICATIONS - SAMS produces publications including; an Annual Report and a twice-yearly Newsletter.

EDUCATION - SAMS aims to raise the awareness of marine science through schools visits, open days, public seminars and the Marine Science Degree of the University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute.

INDEPENDENT VIEW - SAMS provides an independent view on scientific issues in Scotland and elsewhere.

Further information about SAMS can be obtained from the Secretary.

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