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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB)
rue Jenner/Jennerstraat 13
+32 2 788 76 00
+32 2 647 73 59
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The mission of the Geological Survey of Belgium has two main components:
1. a public service, by arranging all available information into a Documentation Center for Earth Sciences;
2. the organisation of research projects in the framework of its "Research and Development" programs.

This mission is accomplished through the following main tasks:

Documentation Centre on Earth Sciences
Keeping up to date a data base about the Belgian subsoil (150.000 observation points)
Exploitation of a library (70.000 books and periodicals and more than 11.000 maps)
Technical assistance to government agencies and public institutions, and advice to private persons or companies
Participating in studies concerning the environment and natural resources
Publication of scientific series: Professional Papers, Memoirs, Geologica Belgica, Maps with geo-information
Protection and promotion of the natural geological heritage of Belgium

Research and development
Research programs in the main geological fields of investigation, in collaboration with the Regions, the universities and scientific institutions
Updating the geological map in collaboration with the Regions
Participation in European scientific programs
Participation in the activities of the national Stratigraphic Committees and working groups of the Fund for Scientific Research

results in other services

  • Data Discovery & Access service - Data Originators (CDI)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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Collating centre
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Management Unit of North Sea and Scheldt Estuary Mathematical Models, Belgian Marine Data Centre (MUMM-BMDC)
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