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British Geological Survey (Edinburgh) (BGS)
The Lyell Centre
Research Avenue South
EH14 4AP
United Kingdom
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The British Geological Survey (BGS) is a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) research centre. BGS does both scientific research, and commissioned research from the public and private sectors. One of its research themes is marine geoscience, and BGS conducts an integrated geological and geophysical research programme across the entire UK marine designated area. BGS began a systematic reconnaissance survey of the UKcontinental shelf and adjacent slopes in the mid 1960s, which has resulted inpublished series of maps and reports. Remapping of some areas, including the coastal zone, is now being done at higher resolution and using modern surveying equipment. In addition, BGS has conducted commissioned geoscientific research and has contributed to larger multi-organisational research projects, for example, the NERC Land Ocean Interaction Study (LOIS), particularly the Land-Ocean Evolution Perspective Study (LOEPS) element of LOIS. BGS has acquired a very large volume of marine geological and geophysical data for the UK sea areas, and data acquisition is ongoing. For example, seismic, sonar, multibeam and other types of geophysical data, geological descriptions and interpretations, geotechnical data, geochemical data, particle size data and core material. Data have also been deposited with BGS by other public and private sector organisations. All of the data and core material are managed within the BGS National Geoscience Data Centre. Almost all BGS marine data is publicly available, with fees charged to cover the distribution cost only, although some datasets may have some access restrictions or licence fees attached. BGS is working to make as much data available online as possible.

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