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Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB)
Native name
Sistema de Observación y Predicción Costero de las Islas Baleares
ParcBit, Edificio Naorte, planta 2, puerta 3
Palma de Mallorca
Balearic Islands
34 971 439 998
34 971 439 979
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SOCIB is part of the Spanish large scale research and technology infrastructures (known as ICTS in Spanish -Infraestructuras Científicas y Tecnológicas Singulares) and represents a new way to fund marine R&D activities in Spain and a significant change in Spanish marine and coastal observing strategy. It is a pilot system, a strategic regional approach with a view to establishing a coordinated and sustained marine and coastal observing system integrated at a national and/or European level. SOCIB is composed by three major subsystems: (1) an observing sub-system (Observing Facilities), (2) a forecasting and modelling sub-system (Forecasting and Modelling Facility) and (3) a data management subsystem (Data Centre Facility). Combined these three components form the Systems Operation and Support Division (SOS Division). The Engineering and Technology Development Division (ETD Division) provides the engineering and technical backbone to develop and operate the facilities of the SOS Division and is also responsible for the application, development and testing of new technologies for future observing systems and for 6 developing new analytical tools for the effective management of new, high volumes, of observational data and modelling output. The third Division, the Strategic Issues and Applications for Society (SIAS Division), develops applications and operational tools for science-based management of the coastal and marine environment, within the general frame of sustainability science, thus supporting the development and transfer of strategic knowledge to meet the needs of society in the context of global change. It is important to consider that the sound management of the coastal zone is of utmost importance in the Balearic Islands and elsewhere to guarantee both the quality of life of residents and the competitiveness and sustainability of the economic activity in the Balearic Islands. SOCIB’s objectives are driven by international scientific priorities, state of the art technology and also by specific interests from the Spanish and Balearic Islands society. The general objectives are twofold: (1) to contribute to addressing and responding to international scientific, technological and strategic challenges for operational oceanography in the coastal ocean and (2) to enhance operational oceanography research and technology activities being carried out in the Balearic Islands, contributing to the consolidation of a well structured centre of excellence.

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