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Hellenic Survey of Geology & Mineral Exploration (HSGME)
Native name
Elkiniki Archi Geologikon Kai Metalleftikon Erevnon
1 Spirou Loui str.
Olympic Village
+(30) 213 1337000
+(30) 213 1337015
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'HELLENIC SURVEY OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL EXPLORATION' (HSGME) (Law 4602/09-03-2019) - former IGME, name changed in 2021 - is the National Geological Institute of Greece, operating since 1952, with name and form modified throughout decades, and is the official Government advisor on geoscientific issues.

HSGME is a Legal Entity Governed by Public Law and supervised by the Minister for the Environment and Energy. Its fundamental aim is the geological study of the country and the exploration - evaluation of the mineral raw materials (excluding hydrocarbons) and ground water resources. Emphasis is also given in projects related to the protection of the environment and strong participation is demonstrated in competitive E.C. projects.

During 40 years of marine geological work a vast amount of data has been collected, including marine sediment samples and cores, shallow and medium penetration seismic profiling, bathymetry and side scan sonar data. The IGME marine geology team has carried out many research studies, mainly in the Aegean Sea (e.g. mapping of the continental shelf, distribution and nature of seabed substrate, research for placer deposits) and participated in numerous European projects related to marine geological subjects and open-data infrastructures (e.g. EUMARSIN, EU-SEASED, EUROSEISMIC, ANAXIMANDER, Geo-Seas, EMODnet-Geology, GeoERA). Marine Geology at HSGME is currently carried out within the activities of the Department of General Geology, Geological Mapping & Applications/Division of General Geology.

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