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National Institute of Geography (IGN)
Native name
Institut Geographique National
73 avenue de Paris
Saint Mandé
+33 (0)1 43 98 80 00
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IGN's main tasks are to ensure the production, maintenance and dissemination of geographic reference information in France. In a long line of cartographers, IGN has been playing an active role since 1940 on all the operations involving the mapping of the French territory. The objective of the research at IGN is both to produce academic knowledge background for the entire geographic information community, and to lead to development projects which include to upgrade the Institute. To remain at the forefront of innovation, IGN can expect the support of four teams of researchers who are authorities in the scientific disciplines of geographic information: The COGIT (Object Design and Generalization of Topographic Information), the MATIS laboratory (Methods of Analysis and Image Processing for Stereo-restitution), LOEMI laboratory (Laboratory of optical and microcomputer), the LAREG (Geodesy Research laboratory).

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  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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