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Ghent University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, Laboratory of Protistology and Aquatic Ecology
Krijgslaan 281 S8
+32 9 264 85 01
+32 9 264 85 99
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The research group for Protistology and Aquatic Ecology of the Department of Biology of the Ghent University studies the diversity, taxonomy and biogeography of protists; their role in planktonic and benthic freshwater and marine ecosystem functioning and their application in palaeoecological research. Molecular-phylogenetic approaches complement morphological-taxonomic and biogeographical studies of selected taxa (in particular diatoms) and morphologically uniform functional groups, and are applied to the study of non-culturable protist biodiversity by means of community fingerprinting methodologies and the construction of clone libraries.The group manages an extensive live collection of alpine and Antarctic microalgae (chlorophytes, xanthophytes and diatoms), ciliates and amoebae.The group conducts (palaeo) ecological research in freshwater and marine environments in tropical, temperate and high-latitude systems. Limnological and oceanographical research involves field and laboratory experiments at both the community and species level, and comprises both fundamental (e.g. studies on feeding selectivity of estuarine benthic ciliates) and more applied research (e.g. foodweb dynamics and lake restoration). Palaeoecological investigations using fossil remains of diatoms in lake sediments contribute to the understanding of climatological changes at medium to short time-scales and to the reconstruction of antropogenically induced environmental change.

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  • Cruise summary report (CSR)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Management Unit of North Sea and Scheldt Estuary Mathematical Models, Belgian Marine Data Centre (MUMM-BMDC)
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