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OceanWise Limited
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OceanWise Limited
Dovedale House, 16 Butts Road
GU34 1NB
United Kingdom
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We are an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data and knowledge management and GIS. We combine expertise in gathering and applying marine data to solving offshore environmental and engineering challenges, with off-the-shelf software provision and system development. Helped by our unique knowledge and relationships with key partners - instrument manufacturers, software vendors, public service data holders and standards bodies - we provide our customers with comprehensive and efficient end-to-end coastal and ocean data management solutions.

Marine environmental data and information supports a wide range of activities offshore from site selection and planning, through engineering design and maritime operations, to asset and compliance management. Data is acquired from existing sources or captured to meet particular requirements. The knowledge, expertise and systems needed to specify, process and exchange this data and information are many and varied. OceanWise has the skills and resources to ensure its customers needs are met efficiently and with reduced risk in the following markets:
Ports and Harbours • Renewable Energy • Offshore Minerals • Fisheries and Aquaculture Planning and Licensing • Disaster Mitigation and Response • Defense and Civil Security

Meeting Your Marine Data Needs
Our software and mapping products combine seamlessly with those of our partners to deliver tangible benefits for your business. Our skills and experience support you throughout the change process and deliver ‘fit for purpose' solutions to meet your marine geographic and environmental data management needs more efficiently and effectively.

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  • Data Discovery & Access service - Connected Data Centres (CDI)
  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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