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National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources (NEA)
Native name
National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources
150 David Agmashenebeli ave.
(+995 32) 439502 / 439550
(+995 32) 439503 / 439550
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The main goals of legal entity of public low - National Environmental Agency are as follows: · Preparation of normative and/or informational documents, forecasts, warnings regarding: existing and expected hydro meteorological and geodynamic processes, engineer-geo-ecological conditions of geological environment and environment pollution conditions on the territory of Georgia, in river basins, water reservoirs, in territorial waters of the Black Sea, on the continental shelf, and in the special economical zone and their distribution in accordance with established rules; · Monitoring over hydrodynamic and morpho dynamic processes in coastline zones, permanent mapping of the territory, risk zoning and forecasting of coastline developments, management of coasting forming processes using engineer activities; · Creation of environmental databases and metadata and ensuring its organizational management: Database on natural components and engineer infrastructure in coastline zones; Database created on the basis of the information kept in geological, geodesic, cartographic and land resource state databases; Unique database on forest resources; State balance and cadastre database on mineral deposits and exposures. · Inventoring and registration of industrial and scientific geological activities and participation in inventoring and reginstration of all types of activities carried out in forest sector of Georgia; · Steadfast implementation of international liabilities taken by Georgia, in sphere of information distribution, regarding hydrometeorology, environment pollution monitoring, marine and river morpho dynamics and engineer protection, mineral deposit resources and environmental pollution conditions.

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