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The Institute of Geography ltd., National science and technology centre "Parasat"
67/99, Kabanbai batyr str./ Pushkin str.
+7 727 291 81 29
+7 727 291 81 02
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The Institute of Geography was founded in 1938. The main research areas of the Institute are Physical and Social-Economics geography, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Geoecology and GIS-mapping. The institute has a staff of 129 people including 13 Doctors and 23 Candidates of Sciences (PhD).
There are 7 Departments in the Institute:  The Department of Glaciology, the Department of Landscape planning and nature management problems, the Department of Hydro ecology, the Department of Geomorphology and GIS-mapping, the Department of Geographical information system, the Department of Natural hazard, the Department of Recreational geography.

There are 6 Research stations in the institute. The main purpose of activities of the Institute is to conduct basic (fundamental) and applied researches in next important directions:

  • Estimation and prognosis (prediction) of resources and conditions of surface water of the Republic of Kazakhstan with calculation changing climate and economic activities.
  • Exposure and regularity of forming and distribution of natural calamity, natural disasters and ecological dangerous changing of natural environment.
  • Estimation of natural-resource potential of the Republic, problems of rational nature management and preservation of surroundings. 

results in other services

  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)
  • Marine environmental databases (EDMED)

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The Institute of Geography ltd., National science and technology centre "Parasat"
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