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Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS)
40 Parvi may str. PO Box 152
+359 52370486
+359 52370483
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The Institute of Oceanology, BAS, Varna is affiliated to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The main research activities are focused on the field of coastal dynamics, marine physics, chemistry, geology, biology, ecology, and underwater investigations. Traditionally involved in all aspects of marine research it also offers consulting and expert services, environmental impact assessment studies, education and training. The total scientific stuff is 56 scientists (3 senior scientists - Professors, 14 senior scientists - Assoc. Professors, 39 scientists - Assoc. Researchers, DSci. – 5, PhD - 24).
IO-BAS is the Regional Activity Centre and Focal Point of BSEP. The Institute participated in NATO SfS TU-fisheries and TU-Black Sea projects and is actively participating in NATO SfP ODBMS project. Institute participated in almost all GEF and Black Sea EU programmes implemented in the region. During last five years IO-BAS actively participate in a large number of FP5 and FP6 among which CESUM-BS, ARENA, ASCABOS, Sea-Search, SeaDataNet, SESAME, etc.
The main fields of research can be summarised in several topics:
Coastal zone Hydrodynamics (wind wave in deep sea and shallow water, wind wave climate, wind wave modelling, statistical wind wave models), Lythodynamics (sediment transport, contemporary bottom changes, beach dynamics and cadastre) and Coastal zone management;
- Marine Physics (marine hydrology, water circulation, currents, hydrophysical aspects of marine pollution, semi-enclosed and enclosed basins modelling - Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea);
- Marine Biology and Ecology (phytoplankton, zooplankton, macrophytobenthos and zoobenthos, fish-stock assessment, biodiversity, response to environmental parameters – eutrophication and pollution);
- Marine Chemistry (monitoring and analysis of hydrochemical components in the sea, rivers and lakes, indicators of marine environment ecological state: nutrients, oxygen, suspended matter, POC, heavy metals in sea water and sediments);
- Marine Geology and Archaeology (geological, geophysical and geo-chemical research, geological mapping, geomorphologic evolution and seabed processes, ancient sea coasts)
- Ocean Technologies (developing and application of oceanographic instrumentation, specialised and precise devices, deep diving and hyperbaric systems, hydro- and geo-acoustics)
The experts are involved in consulting decision and policy makers for elaboration of environmental friendly regulations and standards for sustainable management of Black Sea living resources at governmental and local authorities’ level. The scientific staffs are qualified in environmental impact assessment expertise. The institute is hosting National Oceanographic Committee and National Oceanographic Data Centre.


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