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Research Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry (ICPA)
Native name
Institutul de Cercetari pentru Pedologie si Agrochimie
Bd. Marasti 61
+40 1 2225979
+40 1 2225979

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The mission of Institute is to promote basic, strategic and applied research, survey and long-term monitoring in soil and agrochemistry fields. This mission implies high quality contribution in developing knowledge on soils and environment. In the same time, trained scientists and engineers are involved in providing services, thereby contributing to the economic competitiveness of Romania, and to upgrading the quality of life.

Several strategic aims support this mission:

nation-wide inventory (classification, mapping) and quality monitoring of the soil as natural basic resource;
fostering research for a deeper understanding and a better prediction of different processes implying soil, land and plant nutrition;
collecting, interpreting and supplying data on soil, land and plant nutrition;
developing research for a better knowledge of the pedogenic processes and a sound understanding of the soil biofunctions in natural and anthropized ecosystems;
providing objective and independent expert advice;
developing and using new technologies, as well as maintaining scientific facilities;
ensuring linkage with user community and effective know-how transfer;
training and maintaining a skilled staff (centre of excellence) in soil science, agrochemistry and related fields (environment, GIS, RS, modeling, DSS, etc.);
encouraging public understanding of soil and environment, by dissemination of information on human impact.

Fields of Activity

  Characterization and quantification of the natural resources and environment

  Inventorying and monitoring the natural resources and environment

  Plant nutrition and soil/plant fertilization

  Sustainable management of the natural resources and environment;
  Soil pollution; Global change; Rural development

  Waste management

  Standards and methodologies on natural resources and environment

  Soil/land/environment data computing; Agricultural/environment information services

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National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa" (NIMRD)
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