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European Aquaculture Society
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European Aquaculture Society
Slijkensesteenweg 4
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The idea for establishing the European Mariculture Society was launched at the occasion of the Tenth European Symposium of Marine Biologists, which took place in Oostende, Belgium, in 1975.

The founding meeting took place on April 29 and 30, 1976 in the office of the Institute for Marine Scientific Research (IZWO) that has supported the society and has provided office space for the EAS secretariat until the late 80's.

The original name "European Mariculture Society" was changed into "EUROPEAN AQUACULTURE SOCIETY" in 1984 to better reflect the activity field of the society. 
EAS has four principal objectives

  • To promote contacts between all involved or interested in marine and freshwater aquaculture;
  • To facilitate the circulation of aquaculture related information;
  • To promote the sponsorship of multi-disciplinary research concerning aquaculture;
  • To enhance cooperation among governmental, scientific and commercial organizations and individuals on all matters dealing with aquaculture.

The EAS General Assembly
The General Assembly has all  powers related to the way in which EAS carries out its objectives. The GA meets every two years, normally during the Aquaculture Europe event. All members (with the exception of E-members) have equal voting rights, each carrying one vote.

results in other services

  • Marine environmental research project (EDMERP)

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