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ENEA Centro Ricerche Ambiente Marino (La Spezia)
Forte S. Teresa Via S.Teresa 1
+39 0187 978258
+39 0187 978213
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ENEA acts in the fields of new technologies, energy and environmental control. The ENEA - Centro Ricerche Ambiente Marino is a peripheric section located in La Spezia, Italy, whose activities are mainly related to the study of marine environment. ENEA-CRAM is involved in national projects supported by the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Research and in European projects, whose aim is the development of marine science and technology research, including also environmental assessment criteria, monitoring tools and informative systems for environmental data acquisition, storage and elaboration.

The ENEA-CRAM is hosting a multidisciplinary data bank (environmental, sedimentological, chemical and hydrographical). The hydrographic data are composed by historical data acquired in the framework of European, International and National projects (e.g. MEDAR/MEDATLAS, Western Mediterranean Circulation Experiment, Italian Project ‘Ambiente Mediterraneo’, Ships Of Opportunity Program in the Mediterranean, etc). The environmental data base is providing maps of benthos habitats along the Italian coast. Sedimentological data base is also composed by maps. Chemical (nutrient) data were acquired during cruises.

ENEA CRAM is also hosting the Mediterranean Forecasting System – Volunteer Observing Ship data base (MFS-VOS), which include both open ocean XBT collected in the Mediterranean as well as CTD collected in some Adriatic areas.

In the framework of Information Systems initiatives, ENEA is developing Quality Assurance and Quality control procedures.

Near Real Time and Historical data can be accessed through a portal.

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