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CNR, Institute of Marine Sciences S.S. of Lerici (SP)
Forte Santa Teresa Pozzuolo di Lerici
Lerici (SP)
+39 0187 1788900
+39 0187 970585
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The Institute of Marine Sciences  - S.S. of Lerici (CNR-ISMAR-SP) is one of the 7 labs of CNR-ISMAR, that is one of the main Italian actors in oceanographic research in polar, oceanic and Mediterranean regions. CNR-ISMAR headquarter is located in Venezia and the S.S. of Lerici is located near to La Spezia. This local unit has a long experience in marine studies mainly with an experimental approach and has organized numerous oceanographic surveys in the Mediterranean Sea. It has acquired a significant competence in the management of technologically advanced oceanographic instruments and probes, and in the development of methods for an integrated use of experimental data and models. The main activity is the study of the marine circulation and of the physical processes forcing it. In the main area of interest, the Mediterranean Sea, CNR-ISMAR-SP has concentrated on the regional-scale circulation and in particular with the exchanges between sub-basins, in order to understand the different scales of variability, from the seasonal cycle to climatic trends. The climatic studies are supported by the collection of long time-series of oceanographic data (currents, hydrographic parameters) in critical points of the basins. In particular, CNR-ISMAR-SP has maintained a continuous physical measurement system in the Corsica Channel, since 1986, and in the Sicily Channel, since 1993, providing unique series for the whole Mediterranean and a reference at international level. Since 2011 CNR-ISMAR-SP is running a High Frequency Radar (HFR) network for measuring surface current velocity and wave parameters. The network has been operating in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea) in 2011-2012, then in the Gulf of Manfredonia (Southern Adriatic Sea) in 2013-2015 and it is now operational in Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas. CNR-ISMAR-SP is part of EuroGOOS Task Team for the harmonization of system requirements, system design, data quality and standardization of HFR data access and tools and is active at European level for the coordination of the HFR effort in the implementation of a unified European Coastal Radar Network. CNR-ISMAR-SP is involved in the Copernicus Marine System and in the SeaDataCloud frameworks for the dissemination of high quality interoperable HFR data, both in real time mode and in reprocessed mode.
With this expertise, ISMAR has participated, often as responsible institute, in numerous projects, financed by national (CNR, MIUR, PNRA, ASI) and international (UE, ESA, ONR) agencies, which allowed it to become one of the reference groups for physical oceanography studies.

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