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Italian Hydrographic Institute (IIM)
Native name
Istituto Idrografico della Marina
Passo Osservatorio, 4
+39 010 24431
+39 010 261400
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Istituto Idrografico della Marina is the Italian Navy Hydrographic Office and is in charge of all the official nautical documentation published in Italy. It has been operating in Genoa since 1872.
In order to produce updated and accurate charts, I.I.M. performs regular surveys of the Italian coasts and seas - over 550,000 square kilometres of sea waters and more than 7,800 kilometres of coastline – to collect data for nautical publications and charts, both paper and electronic. Among these data, I.I.M. survey staff collects bathymetric data which are logged into suitable databases.
The main oceanographic activities by I.I.M. are connected with the testing of water samples measuring temperature and salinity at different depths. As these parameters affect sound speed, they are of paramount importance in hydrographic surveys, where depth is measured by means of multi beam echo sounding equipment.
In IIM databases several types of oceanographic data are stored, such as temperature and salinity profiles, sea level time-series (tidal), types and distribution of sediments and posidonia oceanica, marine mammals sightings and beachings.
Oceanographic data have been systematically collected since 1950, providing a useful and thorough source for research studies and tidal forecast.

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