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National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station (NIB)
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Nacionalni inštitut za biologijo Morska biološka postaja Piran
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+386 59 232 912
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National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station

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 Marine Biology Station (MBS) of National Institute of Biology (NIB) , Slovenia ( ), founded in Piran in 1969, is affiliated with NIB (, Ljubljana. The main research activities of MBS focus on characteristics and problems of coastal waters, especially coastal dynamics and modeling, plankton ecology, biodiversity, biogeochemical processes and the effects of pollution. MBS is national focal point for MED POL activities (Barcelona Convention) and is involved in the National Marine Monitoring Program including marine environmental status assessment, marine biodiversity monitoring and coastal conservation. MBS is NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center).

MBS staff have been involved in over 50 projects over the last two decades, covering a wide range of disciplines such as: Modelling of intertidal dynamics and circulation, marine biodiversity, gelatinous plankton, eutrophication and HABs, molecular biology, organic matter cycling, aquaculture impacts. The team has gained multidisciplinary experience through participation in several and diverse EU projects such as: ECASA, MarBEF, MFSTEP, BIOFAQs, MARBENA, MAMA, EMMA, HAZADR, SMS, SeaDatanet 1-2 , SeaDataCloud, EmoDnet Chemistry, Emodnet Data Ingestion.

MBS-NIB has a wide range of facilities, including a fluid dynamics laboratory with turntable, a wet laboratory with flowing seawater, cold rooms and growth chambers, analytical, microbiology and molecular biology laboratories. The infrastructure also includes a research vessel equipped with ADCP, CTD/PAR/fluorescence probe, a variety of water column and bottom sampling equipment, and underwater video and photography equipment. We operate an oceanographic coastal buoy equipped with meteo- and oceanographic instruments. In cooperation with Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimantale (OGS) in Italy we operate the North Adriatic HF Radar node.

Assoc. Prof. Patricija Mozetič: Head of Marine Biology Station Piran of National Institute of Biology and lecturer in Marine Ecology at the University of Primorska. Holds an M.Sc. in Oceanography (University of Zagreb) and a Ph.D. in Biology (University of Ljubljana). Has experience in coordination of national research projects and monitoring programs and in cooperation in international projects. She has published 40 peer-reviewed papers and supervised four PhD students. Expertise: Phytoplankton ecology, Harmful Algal Blooms, eutrophication; links with international organizations (MARS, IOC-IPHAB, chair of National Committee IOC).
Ass. prof. Vlado Malačič: senior scientist at MBS and lecturer of oceanography. Holds B. Sc. in physics, M. Sc. in mechanics (University of Ljubljana), Ph. D. in physics (University of Zagreb). Project leader of national/international research and applied projects (modelling of tidal dynamics and circulation, establishment of coastal oceanographic buoy and build-up of information system, set-up of laboratory for fluid dynamics).

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National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station (NIB)
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